Yesterday Stories


At Yesterday Stories we believe history is important and that our past weaves (or links) itself easily to our present. It affects us today in ways we don’t even know. We believe it is important to know what has happened in the past so that we can better understand ourselves. We also believe our history is meaningful not only locally, but globally as well. We have designed a new way of capturing history and we want this to reach new audiences.

Our main audience is tourists – to help them know more about our area. Our website will also serve as a platform for community building on shared histories and will be used in schools throughout the Illawarra. We’ve partnered with Lost Wollongong, and with their 25,000+ Facebook followers, plus Instagram and Twitter, we are sure to reach a lot of people. We are serious about history and we hope you too find it important.

Our Website & Mobile App

So we’ve designed a new way of capturing history and we want to reach new audiences too. Basically, our team of professional storytellers will tell 200 varied and interesting stories of the Illawarra 2-3 minutes long that will feature on our website and mobile app.

The app will work in situ which means that if you go to the lighthouse you will be able to see the closest films to you.

Be assured that our team is dedicated to telling history in new and innovative ways. Our team members have produced history documentaries for broadcast, online, and for museums. They have also been awarded a National Trust Heritage Award and been finalists for the Premier’s History Awards. We know this project will leave a legacy and will be used within local schools for decades to come.