Legal Notice

The images on this website have been sourced from the Lost Wollongong Facebook page, where members submit photographs and images from various sources. We have asked that they do not post images that they do not hold the copyright to or note down the source of the image.

This website has been set up to collate the images from the Facebook website and make it easier for visitors to view images from the Illawarra region. We are a non for profit organisation and only have the site set up for other peoples pleasure.

If you have a complaint about an image and/or a potential breach of copyright please send us an email us by clicking on the email link on the right side of this page, with a link to the image.

The creators and administrators will not be held liable for any infringement of copyright by its members.

The admin members of Lost Wollongong agree to deal with any copyright complaints in a timely manner and we hold the right to remove any material that we consider may infringe copyright. In fact, we have the right to remove any image we choose without any explanation.

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