Discuss the Keira High School at the Lost Wollongong forum

Check out more Keira High School photo at the Lost Wollongong Facebook page1006119_476006709153416_163229070_nKEIRA HIGH430169_10201378828335016_41106113_n1006113_495857687153002_1661650927_n 1010200_10201378827735001_1264279315_n 1010753_10201378829455044_856481033_n 1011049_485514844865599_1225897517_n 1013923_10201378826654974_1573781277_n 1016637_10201378825854954_1593703109_n 1043876_10201378828775027_1111991851_n 1044268_10201703749459523_1974572461_n 1044562_10151644209375675_384832024_n 1045105_10201378829775052_1591432090_n Anjie HutchisonKEIRA HIGH


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