Dapto Part 1

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Dapto 1859


Dapto 1880’s

184457_10201517999858268_211617912_n   Osborne Memorial Church of St Lukes Church of England at Brownsville Photograph from A Holiday Trip through the Illawarra District, New Year 1893. by G.O.M. Smith.

249088_10201236168048598_736400664_n   Dapto 1880’s


Brownsville Flour Mill Also known as Browns Mill and Dapto Flour Mill. The mill was later used as a butter factory in the late 1800’s

421334_10201236163488484_1223540133_n  Dapto 1880’s

425319_10201517988177976_1253837009_n  Figtree Farm, an old slab hut at 303 Reddalls Rd, Kembla Grange

426645_10201236164128500_2012130510_n  Dapto 1859


Dapto 1890’s


Dapto 1880’s


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