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Dapto Part 3

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Dapto 1890’s

954604_10201236172288704_1680889112_n Dapto 1890’s


Sunnybank, the Gibson Diary Farm from the 1900’s on Darkes Rd. Was burnt down about a month ago

968885_10201236164288504_904284169_n969921_10201236167648588_1003455910_n  Dapto 1890’s

970145_10201236139647888_1039364706_n Dapto 1840’s

971247_10201236167808592_951321506_n Dapto Smelting Works 1890’s


Dapto Smelting Works 1890


Dapto Central Hotel which was located where the carpark is, across from the Dapto Leagues Club. Was pulled down in 1971 for that carpark.


Dapto 1859


The Original Dapto Hotel which was in the same place it is today.